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5 IoT Gadgets to turn your Home into a Smart Home

Auther Name: iRobot

Category: iRobot Roomba & Braava Jet

Posted: 30/06/2017

Updated: 09/09/2019

We’ve all been hearing a lot about IoT, better known as Internet of Things,and how it is all set to revolutionise life as we know it. But, what exactly is IoT? 

Imagine you’re away from home and you get to hear of guests coming over just as you’d be reaching home! What if you could have the home cleaned, set the AC on to have your home perfectly cool when you reach, and even set the lighting as per the mood (in case it’s a special someone coming over!) and maybe even get some music going! 

IoT is essentially the connection of devices through the internet, enabling them to be controlled to perform anytime, anywhere! With IoT, the possibilities are endless and home automation is where all the action is expected to be in the coming future. Our robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba and mopping robot Braava jet are already on the IoT bandwagon! Here are a few IoT gadgets that are guaranteed to change your life for the better:

5 IoT Gadgets to turn your Home into a Smart Haven

1.Inoho: This is a home controller system, by which you can control most of the electronic devices via the Inoho App. Since it's connected via the internet, the device can be controlled from any part of the world. Inoho is wireless because of which there is no need for decor change or electrical rewiring and this is one of the main advantages of this system.

 Inoho system comprises of mainly 3 systems - a home controller, a switchboard and an Inoho App. Home controller to control the multiple switchboard modules. Switchboard module is to convert the traditional switchboard module into a smart module and finally the App to control the devices and appliances at home via your mobile or laptop device.

2.Roomba 900 series and Braava jet 240: Manufactured by iRobot, Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner and Braava jet is a mopping robot, and both are fully autonomous. The two wi-fi connected floor cleaning robots, can be controlled from any part of the world with the help of the iRobot HOME App.

 Through about the App, you can schedule the robots to clean everyday up to 7 times a week and the app also lets you customise the cleaning by setting your preferences. You can also view the Clean Map Reports, which  and show the cleaning coverage of Roombaand Braava jet, highlighting the areas where the robots had to perform focused cleaning due to higher concentrations of dirt and dust. The App also supports push notifications when it completes a cleaning task. Mother: This is a universal monitoring solution that comprises of a family of incredibly smart sensors that you can set to monitor whatever you care about.

It is like having tens of devices in just one elegant solution. With freewheel sensors named ‘Cookies, mother collects data of the task which is assigned to it. With the help of the sensors, users can view the end result on corresponding Apps for the task assigned. Some of the common tasks include presence check, temperature check, reminder to perform tasks such as drinking water, take medication etc...

4.ReosLite: This is a smart bulb, which can be controlled by using the ReosLite App and it can be connected via Bluetooth as well. The bulb can be setup to sync with the music so that the colour of the light changes according to the music and this is also done via the App.

Based on your mood, you can setup the lighting of the room in the App from the pre-set modes. You can even customise the mood by choosing a colour from 16 million colour options. The App also gives the option to set an instant alert for SMS and calls. By customising the Lite App, weather alerts can also be set up.

5.Fitbit Aria: This Wi-Fi smart scale gives numerous data like BMI, body fat percentage, lean mass and helps to track your weight. It displays the charts and status of your fitness progress through the connected Fitbit dashboard. The smart scale can store information of up to 8 different users. This will definitely help those who are in a serious fitness regime.
These are some of the IoT gadgets that can make your life easier and better in all aspects and it is only going to get bigger and better in the coming future. Start turning your home into a smart home now, with Roomba and Braava jet. Visit our website to know more about our smart robots