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Posted: 21/07/2016

Updated: 09/09/2019

We are pretty sure you know a fair bit about iRobot and its vacuuming bot Roomba by now. It’s now time to introduce its counterpart, the iRobotBraava.

When iRobot entered the Indian market with its twin offering, it covered both aspects of cleaning i.e. vacuuming & mopping.

iRobot Braava

Braava is the Mopping champ of iRobot. It is a wet and dry mopping robot. Including the ‘Click’ feature of Roomba, Braava has the following amazing features:

  1Northstar navigation – Braava comes with the northstar navigation box that works as an in house GPS and lets Braava know which areas it has covered and which remain.

  2. Dual Mode – Braava comes with a dual mode of dry as well as damp mopping.

  3. Detachable cloths – It has a very easy system of attaching and detaching dry or damp cloths for mopping.

  4. Built in Sensors – It has built in sensors that save it from being stuck at places by easily going around any obstacles on the floor.

  5. Compact Areas – Due to its compact size it is ideal for cleaning in tight areas like under the table, sofas, bed, etc.

  6. Whisper quiet – Braava is not only easy to use but is also as quite as a whisper. So no humming annoying sounds while it cleans.