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How to keep your Home Dust Free

Auther Name: irobot

Category: floor mopping robots

Posted: 30/03/2017

Updated: 09/09/2019

Dust, the root cause of most allergies, is that tiny particulate matter that can reduce even the brawniest of men into red nosed, watery eyed sneeze machines! 

It is made up of tiny particles of cloth fibres, paper, pet dander, hair, dirt, skin cells, bacteria, pollen, dust mites etc. While it may not be possible to get rid of dust in its entirety, there are a few simple strategies and cleaning methods that can greatly reduce the amount of dust your family breathes in every day.

Dust busting methods:

  1. Comforters, blankets, sheets and pillows are all dust accumulators. They are the reason for you or a family member waking up with a stuffy nose from breathing dusty air all night. The best way to avoid this is to wash sheets, pillow cases etc. in hot water once a week. 
  2. All air filters, such as the ones found in air conditioners and air purifiers should be removed, washed and replaced at least once a month or once in 3 months. Ceiling fans accumulate a lot of dust as well and these should be wiped down at least once a month.
  3. Curtains and blinds are dust and pollen collectors as well. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down blinds. Light curtains can be washed in the washing machine, while heavier curtains should be professionally cleaned at least once in three months.
  4. De clutter your home by doing away with piles of unused magazines, books and newspapers. These degrade over time and are a major source of the dust that gets produced in your home. Recycle old unwanted papers and magazines and place books in a bookshelf. Store essential papers in plastic files to avoid them contributing to dust.
  5. Make sure shoes are left at the door. Shoes bring with them mud, dirt, pollutants, allergens and other toxins, which are best left outside of your home.
  6. Pets should be kept out of bedrooms and kids playrooms as far as possible. Cats and dogs contribute fur and dander to the dust in your house. Groom your pets regularly, give them a thorough brushing down in the bathroom or outdoors. Keep their bedding clean as well by washing them in hot water regularly.
  7. Stuffed toys are another dust might nightmare! Wash them once a week in hot water. Most stuffed toys are generally washing machine friendly, but for those that cannot be run through one, simply place them in a plastic bag and freeze for 12 hours. Dust mites hate the cold! Leave the toys to thaw, this will kill adult dust mites and stop them breeding.
  8. Vacuum floors and carpets regularly. Carpets especially are a haven for dust mites and pet dander. Vacuuming frequently significantly cuts down on the dust build up around furniture and in corners. Make sure you get the right type of vacuum cleaner that comes with a high efficiency air filter. Ourrobotic vacuum cleaners in Indiaare making waves in the ‘home cleaning robot’ market space. Our vacuuming robot Roomba, is a boon when it comes to floor cleaning. Armed with an AeroForce® High-Efficiency Filter, thisautomatic robotic vacuum cleaner,expertly traps the minutest of allergens and keeps them out of the air that you breathe.
  9. Mop floors often. Mopping floors frequently helps keep dust under control as well. You could opt to use the traditional floor mop or you could go for the iRobot floor mopping robot Braava. Braava does both dry and wet mopping and comes with attachable micro fibre cloths. 

Follow these steps and make your home a dust free haven! Learn more about iRobot on our website irobot.in