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Auther Name: irobot

Category: roomba

Posted: 31/08/2016

Updated: 09/09/2019

The discipline of cleaning reflects perfection and sophistication. As communities and people, all of us have been worried about keeping places, floors and yourself clean. The art of tidying up can get messy at times, but mostly what can help is paying little attention to details. Similar to any systems, there can be some tricks that will help de-clutter that mess at your place, and leave it sparkling clean. The business with dirt, grime and dust can be handled with ease, if we follow some tips for cultivating effective cleaning practices everywhere.​

1. Wipe off that dust – To maintain cleanliness of your home, dusting should be made a daily practice. Dust accumulates rapidly, and it affects the overall look of the interiors. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to a level that even using a broom, cannot put an end to this puzzle of dust everywhere. And if left unnoticed, dust allergies can develop which can be a serious health threat. The hardest point about dusting is that it takes time to notice dust in the beginning. Therefore, using an effective vacuum cleaning robot like Roomba which sucks in even the micro particles using the HEPA filters, will be a great solution. Roomba also sucks in pet fur, hence combating any chance of allergies. Roomba can be a better aid to your maid, than a broom!

2. Mopping it right – A dry mop to wipe off dust and a wet mop to remove stains ensures that your home looks sparkling at all times. This will help maintain floors better.

3. Art of classifying – Things do look good when they are arranged. Some of us might not vouch by order and discipline of setting things according to their nature, but always clubbing objects in same genre together is a good idea.  A shelf will look cluttered if everything is kept together, for example, if books, pencils, paper bundles are all scattered at one corner. But separate shelves dedicated to books, all the pens in a stand, all papers bundles in different racks will certainly give an immediate organized look to your room!

4. Attack corners – Nobody might notice that artistic cobweb sitting in the corner for a long time. But that is a complete spoiler for your killer room! Corners get infected with dirt quicker, and it stays there longer. There is a tendency of even insects infesting the corner, so always eyeing out the corner, and cleaning them regularly helps in maintain the clean appearance of your household. Pointed bristles makes it easier to attack corners. Let us make our room a sparkling mirror!

5. Keeping carpets and floor mats clean – While we have covered keeping floors clean, the hardest part is to keep carpets clean and dust free. Fur tends to accumulate much more dust than hard surfaces, and keeps this trapped, contributing to allergies and irritations. Make sure you vacuum your carpets every day to keep it clean.