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Smart home, inside and out, for 30 years.

For over 30 years, iRobot has been at the helm of home robotics, developing the Roomba® robot vacuums and the Braava® robot mops. Our groundbreaking home robots are engineered with specialised functions and a robust suite of features to help you achieve a clean home, every day.

Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal

The Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal takes convenience to a new level — automatically emptying into an enclosed bag that holds 30 robot bins, so you don't have to think about vacuuming for weeks at a time.

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Imprint™ Technology

With breakthrough Imprint™ Technology, we're building a world where robots intelligently communicate with each other and the rest of your connected home. Because our goal is not just to create a home that's smarter — it's to create a home that takes care of itself.

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Keep Out Zones

Keep Out Zones allow you to create virtual boundaries that keep your robot cleaning where you want it to, and away from where you don’t-- like around pet bowls and toys.

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Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes

If it's a thorough clean you're after, Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes are the secret. Uniquely designed with rubber treads to hug different floor surfaces, removing everything from fine dust to large debris.

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vSLAM® Technology

vSLAM® technology uses an optical sensor to capture over 230,400 data points per second, allowing the robot to create a detailed map of its surroundings so it knows where it is, where it's been, and where it needs to clean.

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