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Roomba - The Perfect Gift This Valentine's Day

Auther Name: irobot

Category: roomba

Posted: 15/02/2017

Updated: 09/09/2019

Move aside diamonds, roses and chocolates, there’s a new Valentine’s Day gift in town! Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Roomba is quite possibly the best gift you can give your partner or even yourself, this season of love. “Huhhhh!” you say? It’s true and here’s why Roomba is the perfect gift:

Not just another robot
Imagine a friend who is ready to help you whenever you want, with no strings attached. Wouldn't that be great? Well, Roomba is that friend and the best part is, Roomba doesn't expect anything in return! Now, don't you wish your Valentine had these qualities? Whatever the time of the day and however tough is the cleaning job, Roomba will get it done for you and all at the press of a button. 

What makes Roomba Perfect?

Incredibly simple to use: Just press the button that says ‘Clean’ and sit back and watch as Roomba works its magic! 

Seamless Navigation: The robot easily navigates around clutter, its spinning side brush ensures your wall edges are dirt free and owing to its low profile, it can easily get under most of your furniture. And, in case you have stairs in your house, you don’t need to worry about Roomba falling down the stairs; because it won’t! Armed with cliff detection technology, Roomba turns away when it senses a drop!

Easy Maintenance: The robot requires hardly any cleaning and maintenance owing to its tangle-free brushless extractors that grab dirt, dust and hair while reducing hair tangles and the subsequent need to pull all the tangled hair out of brushes! Just empty the bin when it gets full, and there’s an indicator for that too!

Great for homes with pets: If you’re a pet parent, you obviously are aware of just how pet hair can get into every nook and cranny of your house including your carpets!Roomba, is an expert at getting rid of pesky pet hair and is just the cleaning partner you need! 

These are just some of the features that make Roomba a must have and the best gift you could give someone (or heck even yourself!), this Valentine’s Day! And, if you’re already smitten, wait till you get to know of all of Roomba’s amazing features.

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